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Mr Tire Auto Service Centers

1034 N. Main Street, Waynesville, NC

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Mr Tire Auto Service Centers

Automotive Services
  • Tires
  • Oil Changes
  • Brakes
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Batteries
  • Filters
  • Coolant, Transmission, and other
  • Automotive Fluids
  • Shocks, Struts, and Suspension
  • And more...

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Auto Brands We Maintain and Service

Mr. Tire in Waynesville, NC provides scheduled maintenance on your vehicle for routine and preventative vehicle care. When you come in, we’ll pull up your car’s maintenance check list for your specific model and inspect the necessary components for your vehicles current mileage. Factory scheduled maintenance provides a good opportunity to make sure your car is performing correctly and help prevent costly future repairs. Plus Mr. Tire will save you up to 50% over the dealer!

  • Acura
  • Buick
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GM
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Pontiac
  • Saturn
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Chrysler

About Mr Tire Auto Service Centers – Waynesville

Mr Tire Auto Service Centers are your source in Waynesville, NC for the best deals on new tires, and complete automotive care for your car, truck or SUV. Plus, if you find a better deal, we will beat the competitors total price by 5%! While our name means tires, we offer a full range of automotive services such as oil changes, brake service and wheel alignments, to help you maintain your vehicle and protect your warranty.

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Ann is the best, no need to go anywhere else

Submitted 08/16/19

By Susan Magnes

Ann got my tires the same day when no one else had them

Submitted 08/16/19

By Howard Eisley

Ann is awesome. Very courteous and excellent customer service. Extremely happy with my visit. I will be back

Submitted 08/14/19

By Jeremy Lewis

Best place to bring you car. Not even a question

Submitted 08/14/19

By Michael Lyttle

Ann the manager and her team are incredible. I had taken my car to 3 other shops and they were unable to diagnose the issue. Ann’s team not only diagnosed my problem but they had it fixed the same day I dropped it off. Other shops held onto it for multiple days and failed to even diagnose the issue...let alone fix it! I will absolutely be back, and I will refer all of my family and friends here as well. Thank you guys so much for the incredible service....Read More

Submitted 08/13/19

By Bobby Lite

Tried twice to answer

Submitted 08/05/19


These people are great! We were driving down to Cape Canaveral when we hit a full tire in the middle of the road. We went airborne and were losing oil quick. They were the only place really open and told us it might be a while. A while was only 30 minutes before they were able to get it on the lift and look at it. Not before long they had a solution and we were able to continue on our trip!

Submitted 07/20/19

By Morgan Tolliver

Mr. Tire is my go to shop for oil changes and inspections, but I doubt I will return for any mechanical work. I had a couple issues trying to get a balance issue fixed with my truck. Issue# 1 is that the problem was misdiagnosed from the start. The technicians drove the truck and said that the problem was with a broken belt on an almost brand new tire. They suggested I replace the tire. This is when issue# 2 happened. This "diagnosis" happened on a Friday, and I was told that they would order the tire and it would be ready for install Monday. I returned to the shop on Monday in good faith thinking my issue would be resolved, only to find that the tire had never been delivered. Long story short, I did not get the tire replaced until Wednesday. Now, back to issue #1 (Misdiagnosis). After getting said tire replaced on Wednesday near closing time, I left the shop and took my truck out to the highway, were i expected the issue to no longer exist, but the issue was still there (Balance issue). So, I spent a lot of time and $200.00 for the issue that still remained. Not good. I called the shop the very next day (Thursday), and they told me that I will need to bring it back in for a "full" diagnosis, and that it would probably cost me... On top of that bad news, they let me know that they didn't have an opening in the schedule until the Friday after next. So I would have to wait another full week with a truck that has a balance issue and for all we know may have been a hazard to drive anywhere.... I ended up taking the truck to the dealership where they were able to resolve my issue with a road force balance. Hopefully someone reads this and can use it to improve diagnostics on and issue, and also scheduling snafu's. Thanks.......Read More

Submitted 07/17/19

By J- Billions

My daughter and I were on vacation and a front tire had a slow leak each night. We went to Mr. Tire and they had it repaired and we were back on the road again in a little over 30 minutes enjoying our vacation. Very professional, friendly service. Highly recommend them.

Submitted 07/10/19

By Gretchen Dahl

If I ever break down again, let it be in North Carolina. Yesterday while taking the kids to my moms house in Knoxville my Jeep broke down in Maggie Valley, NC. As soon as I pulled off the road a sweet older couple stopped to check on us but because the world has made me cynical I thanked them for stopping and sent them on their way. I called Michael and with FaceTime I was able to show him what was going on with my jeep. Me and the kids started walking down the road towards a shop that I was told was just up the road. My mind forgot that just up the road on foot is not the same as just up the road in a car. On our way to the shop We walked up on Rabbitskin towing who charged me the lowest tow I have ever paid. I called O’Reilly auto parts in Waynesville and ordered the pulley that I needed and apparently sent it to the wrong shop. I called the tow company after I realized this and ask them if they could pick us up and carry us to the correct shop along with my jeep. As we were about to pull out the delivery guy for O’Reilly‘s pulled up and asked me if I was Bethany, and then sold me my part right there on the side of the road. God bless that man’s soul because he did not have to track me down or even notice my truck on the wrecker. When we got to Mr. tire in Waynesville I handed the man my new part and asked him if I could go ahead and pay for the repair, the manager peeps his head around the door and says don’t worry about it, it won’t take but just a minute, no charge. This was now hour two in the breakdown, I have never been treated so well by so many different people in one event. My children Katie and PJ were champs, walking down that road, as busy as it was and not one time did they fuss with each other or with me, they didn’t whine. They just handled business and try to keep their mama sane. Michael Did what he could by making phone calls for a shop to fix my car on a Saturday all while he was at work in Augusta. He felt so helpless and I was a mess. #notthedayihadplanned.....Read More

Submitted 07/07/19

By Bethany Trapp

I'm from Augusta Ga and my wife was traveling to tn. with our kids. A pulley broke which left her stranded on i-40. Once I spoke to them (they said they could probably fix it) we had it towed there.. They got right on it and the repair was made. THANK YALL SOOOOO Much!!!!!!!!!

Submitted 07/06/19

By Mike Trapp

Good service

Submitted 06/27/19


These guys are awesome - I brought in.a flat and they repaired it in no time and offered to replace the spare on my truck with the repaired tire. Excellent customer service!

Submitted 06/09/19

By scott nielsen

Received awesome courteous service from this store. Very respectful crew that honors our military! Will definitely be using this store for all of our tire needs in the future.

Submitted 06/08/19

By Keith Tammy Broadwater

No comment

Submitted 05/27/19


I’ve had two sets of tires installed on my truck and car by Mr tire. My car started making noises in one of the wheels. So I brought back in for a look. They told me a stone was caught in the rotor making the screeching noise. I was not charged for this service. Can’t ask for more than that!

Submitted 05/24/19

By Joe Zale

Very satisfactory

Submitted 05/20/19


Very friendly.Fast service Very friendly and fast

Submitted 05/17/19

By Billy Trombley

Very good experience. Walked in without an appointment and was told a 2 hour wait.for a tire patch. However, within 10 minutes they took my car in for service. I was out the door after only 45 minutes. I was also really appreciative that they did not try to sell me on anything else. Being from out of town it was nice to be treated fairly. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Submitted 05/16/19

By William Lee

My go to for tirres in the Waynesville area.

Submitted 05/10/19

By Vaughn Stinson

Love this place! Very professional, have taken my truck here several times for oil change, towed there when I had a flat tire on I-40, other minor repairs. Always a good experience! Josh, the manager, is excellent. I know we can always trust him and I feel confident he will take care of us. My whole family brings their vehicles there.

Submitted 04/29/19

By Christine Roof

Great service

Submitted 04/24/19

By William Snider

Happy camper!

Submitted 04/11/19


Great experience here today! 5 hours into our drive the car overheated. After a tow by AAA we ended up here. The staff was super friendly and they had our issue diagnosed and fixed in no time. Several local folks made a point to stop and tell us we were in good hands. I couldn’t agree more. Happy to say we’ve finally made it safely to our final destination! Thanks again to everyone at Mr. Tire, Waynesville for turning around our less than ideal mid-day adventure!....Read More

Submitted 03/24/19

By Stephanie Rudisill

Have taken all of my cars here and have always had solid service. Never had a needless up-sell or excessive wait time. Reps have always been polite and friendly.

Submitted 03/22/19

By Michael Mimms

03/18/2019 Mr. Tire did very well fixing a problem. I purchased Tires from them a couple of years ago that included free rotations. I have been regular with that, and the last time I was there, (1) of my tire, lug nuts was cross threaded and broke off on removal. It was determined that the previous mechanic had cross threaded the lug nut and Mr. Tire replaced the stud at no cost even though it was a time consuming job to replace it. We thank Mr. Tire for their kind service.....Read More

Submitted 03/18/19

By Thomas Casey

Great experience! Josh got me in right before closing to make sure I wasn't limping around all weekend on a donut. Professional and fast, will definitely be recommending them to friends!

Submitted 03/11/19

By Jason Bowman


Submitted 03/04/19


Needed air pressure checked. Had a low air pressure check light. Manager checked and added air to tires. In and out in 10 minutes. Appreciate the quick service and the great service.

Submitted 02/24/19

By C.G. Robinson

They were able to fix my tire really quickly!!! I will definitely be using their services again!

Submitted 02/23/19

By Alyssa LoCoco

Excellent customer service!!

Submitted 02/13/19

By Megan Ammons

Thank you!

Submitted 01/17/19


My daughters and I were on vacation from FL and woke up to a completely flat tire. I called Mr.Tire and the gentleman running the register was super nice and even offered to help me get my car from the hotel to the shop. I can't remember his name, maybe Tim? He definitely went above and beyond and I'm very thankful. The other guys at the shop were friendly and quick. Overall I had a great experience. Thank you for making me feel better about being hundreds of miles away from home and alone! We were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation because of you guys??....Read More

Submitted 01/10/19

By Christina Jackson

Great customer service! Mr. Tire does great work!

Submitted 01/01/19

By Karen Hunt


Submitted 12/28/18

By bigrub tocool


Submitted 12/03/18


Marcia the asst. Manager was friendly courteous and very professional. The customer service was fantastic and the Manager was kind friendly and accommodating. I will return for more business

Submitted 11/19/18


I had to wait for my car to be pulled in for service.

Submitted 11/09/18


Mr.Tire is the place where I take my vehicle for all of my repairs. They are always friendly and go out of their way to help me. I especially want to recognize Ed the manager who is always extremely helpful to me.

Submitted 11/08/18

By Ned Goldman

Great professional service!

Submitted 10/29/18


This was just a routine checkup at 6000 miles

Submitted 10/19/18


Chris was helpful, but in stock selection was slim. But open on Saturday, thank goodness. And service was good.

Submitted 10/13/18

By Jennifer Dean

Good experience

Submitted 10/08/18


Nice job

Submitted 10/08/18


I was traveling with my daughter and got a flat tire needed a replacement but they didn’t have my size in stock so the nice lady at the desk called around everywhere to find a place that had one very nice people they didn’t have to do that for us. Thank you very much

Submitted 10/01/18

By Lisa Dayton

we would use Mr. Tire again

Submitted 09/28/18


Please see above comments

Submitted 09/26/18

By John Nyce

Pleased with the service.

Submitted 09/25/18


Stopped here to have a tire checked out when traveling thru. They checked it out and found the problem, got it fixed and us back on the road. Fair and honest shop. Nice clean waiting area and restroom.

Submitted 09/01/18

By Kimberly Ruste

I put in a review earlier today but my have misread some of the questions. I had a great experience with Roy and the boys. It is the first place I take my car when I have an issue.

Submitted 08/08/18

By John Barton

Great, friendly service! No wait and they did a great job! Thanks Josh and crew.

Submitted 08/05/18

By Cindy Bradley

Your team worked me in at the end of the day on a Saturday afternoon. Great service and kind and professional staff.. Thank you..

Submitted 08/04/18

By mark craft

Josh and Chris did a fantastic job. I walked in with a tire problem and walked right out in 30 minutes had my tires fixed thank you will always shop there.

Submitted 08/04/18

By Cody Smith

Great service!

Submitted 07/19/18


Awesome place and employees ?? My company van had a flat tire. Staff was prompt and courteous to get it fixed for us. Highly recommend this place.

Submitted 06/23/18

By Lynn Dills

Fast, friendly and well-done.

Submitted 06/23/18

By Wendy The Wanna-be Homesteader

I recently took my car to Mr. Tire in Waynesville to get new tires, an alignment and new front brakes. The work was done efficiently and to my complete satisfaction. Josh, the manager, and Kim, the assistant manager, provided excellent customer service. They are both personable and very helpful. I will definitely utilize their services in the future. Mr. Tire should be proud to have such friendly and dedicated staff. I have recommended Josh and Kim to friends and family. Only if all auto service centers could have that level of professionalism and personality!! Thanks Josh & Kim....Read More

Submitted 06/14/18

By Bob Garland

Wanted to thank these guys for helping me out. Definitely got me out of a jam.

Submitted 06/09/18

By Robert Davis

Kind, courteous and worked me in to fix my tire. WiFi available so I could work while I waited!

Submitted 06/04/18

By Sarah Stevenson

I went to Mr. Tire in Waynesville NC to have a tire repaired and they are great only had to wait for a few minutes they fixed it. can't say enough about these guys very friendly top notch. I would recommend these guys for your tire needs or brakes you won't be disappointed they will get my business!!!!!!

Submitted 06/02/18

By Willie Ray Bowden

Great staff

Submitted 05/24/18


Very nice people and great prices

Submitted 05/14/18

By Denise Williamson

We were traveling though NC from NJ. Suffered a flat in my Miata. Which has no spare, made it over to Mr. Tire. Garret helped us out big. Saved the day. Tire was repaired in a short time and we were on our way. Very professional, very courteous. Thanks.

Submitted 05/10/18

By NJnerdboy

From NJ, and traveling through NC, had a flat. No spare. Garret helped us out big. Brought it in, had us in and out in just a little while. All fixed. Saved the day they did. Highly recommended. Very courteous, very professional.

Submitted 05/09/18

By Robert Drew

Great job!

Submitted 04/25/18


Great job!

Submitted 04/25/18


Great job!

Submitted 04/25/18


We had a set of tires put on my wife's car and we had a great experience! Everyone was very professional and they worked with me to search and find the exact tires I was looking for. They worked fast and did a great job and no surprises. We will definitely be return customers!

Submitted 04/20/18

By Joe Orth

My granddaughter helped me make an account just so I could say that the Service Manager Alex and the General manager josh are top notch! I drove all over town looking for someone to repair my lawn mower tire. One shop told me it would be 4 hour! Alex took it right back to the garage and had it repaired before I could even finish pouring a cup of their fresh coffee! Then they found me a coupon for a free flat repair! Best service I’ve had in this town in a long time. I will be back with my car soon. Thanks guys!....Read More

Submitted 04/19/18

By James Marshals

Good service

Submitted 04/04/18

By Debra Carter