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Columbus, OH
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Mr Tire Auto Service Centers

8500 Pulsar Place, Columbus, OH

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Mr Tire Auto Service Centers

Automotive Services
  • Tires
  • Oil Changes
  • Brakes
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Batteries
  • Filters
  • Coolant
  • Transmission
  • and other
  • Automotive Fluids
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Auto Brands We Maintain and Service

Mr Tire Auto Service Centers in Columbus, OH provides scheduled maintenance on your vehicle for routine and preventative vehicle care. When you come in, we’ll pull up your car’s maintenance check list for your specific model and inspect the necessary components for your vehicles current mileage. Factory scheduled maintenance provides a good opportunity to make sure your car is performing correctly and help prevent costly future repairs. Plus Mr. Tire will save you up to 50% over the dealer!

  • Acura
  • Buick
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GM
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Pontiac
  • Saturn
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Chrysler

About Mr Tire Auto Service Centers – Columbus

Mr Tire Auto Service Centers are your source in Columbus, OH for the best deals on new tires, and complete automotive care for your car, truck or SUV. Plus, if you find a better deal, we will beat the competitors total price by 5%! While our name means tires, we offer a full range of automotive services such as oil changes, brake service and wheel alignments, to help you maintain your vehicle and protect your warranty.

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Awesome service! Will recommend to everyone i know

Submitted 04/17/19

By chris schwartz

Amazing quick service!! And I don't have to worry about my tire anymore! I will return! Thank you!

Submitted 04/05/19

By Penny Wohlstein

Paul was nice & helpful

Submitted 03/14/19


Great service, great staff

Submitted 03/13/19


Phenomenal service! Had slow leak in left front tire and fixed in less than 30 mins. I won't buy tires anywhere else.

Submitted 03/12/19

By John Godfrey

The guys at this location always amaze me w/ how pleasant they are.

Submitted 03/04/19


Quick and great service!

Submitted 02/25/19


It’s always a pleasure to deal with Tommy, I never leave without a smile on my face, and the feeling that I was treated very fairly!! Most definitely recommend the shop to anyone

Submitted 02/19/19

By GnawgaHyde74

I got a flat tire late the other evening. Fortunately this occurred very close to this Mr Tire store. I limped there and left my car. The guys there were able to fix me up quickly the next day - ordering a tire and fixing my flat by mid-afternoon. Professonal, Fast service. I was pleased.

Submitted 02/18/19

By sandra welter

Paul and Andrew treated me very well, work completed in a timely manner considering I walked in

Submitted 02/14/19


Thank you so much to the guys who plugged my tire for free. I am from out of town and was visiting family when I ended up with a screw in my tire. I couldn't get an appointment anywhere until I called them up and they said come on down. I was there for 20 minutes. When I went to pay the man said he was paying it forward and didn't charge me. I felt so blessed!

Submitted 02/11/19

By welcomingpayne

Love this place.

Submitted 02/09/19


I’ve went to this location for two tire emergencies. The first time I didn’t end up using his service and the second time I did. Both time I was treated fantastic! Information and prices were given with no pressure and I felt completely comfortable knowing I was getting the work done well at a great price. I loved there was no pressure and no BS. I will be back FOR SURE!

Submitted 02/08/19

By Stacey Henry

Fantastic! No sales or BS. Just quick, solid service at a great price. Such a difference from other places I have been. He addressed my concerns, educated me about my options, and left me to make my decision. Great place!

Submitted 02/08/19

By Stacey Henry

Thank you Mr. Tire for saving the day (yet again)! I can drive to Philadelphia with confidence now. I can’t get over how quick you were to help me out but absolutely did not pressure me at all! So different from other places I’ve been. I’m very grateful!

Submitted 02/08/19

By Stacey M. Henry


Submitted 01/29/19


The guys couldn't have been more nice and my service tech Dan, was respectable, informative and provided exceptional service.. I will definitely be back.

Submitted 01/24/19

By Terri Rials

The guys were super nice and Dan provided exceptional service. I definitely recommend.

Submitted 01/23/19

By Terri Bertke Rials


Submitted 01/21/19


phenomenal service, they got my jeep in immediately and reviewed EVERY option in all price ranges. they really went above and beyond getting me the best price possible. I will definitely be returning for future business! 5 STARS!

Submitted 01/16/19

By Casey Allen Phillips

Indicator on our car came on indicating a serious brake problem. Tom Parrill immediately determined the problem and worked with us to get the problem taken care of under warranty. Tom always shows concern for us and making sure we are satisfied with any work we have done. He always tries to make sure we get the best pricing he can offer. He is always available by phone to direct us when we have a concern and are not sure how to handle it.....Read More

Submitted 01/14/19

By Terry Castor


Submitted 01/02/19


This place is awesome. Was traveling out of state from mississippi for the holidays and got a nail in our tire. Called them up and they fixed it and had us back on the road in 25 minutes. Great prices too.

Submitted 12/30/18

By Ronald Carmenate

I will highly recommend this Mr. Tire to anyone that needs work done on their car. As soon as I got there they pulled my car in to plug the tire. All said and done I was in and out of there in less then 20 min. The manager Tom was an amazingly nice and friendly guy. A++

Submitted 12/20/18

By Michael Artz

Good job!

Submitted 12/13/18


You call yourself Mr. Tire but you don't plug tires? Weak. Firestone across the street does....

Submitted 12/13/18

By D.L. Clark

Very helpful good customer service good employee

Submitted 12/11/18

By giulia bond

Great job - Great people... TOm an dhis tema helped turn a negaitve situation of needed a car repair into a positive memory.

Submitted 12/09/18

By Henry Santiago

Guys are awesome! Fast friendly service!!

Submitted 12/09/18

By Brittany Gardner

Awesome prices and great service! Always a friendly face when we walk in!

Submitted 12/09/18

By Shane Newland

Very fast and friendly service!

Submitted 12/09/18

By Emily Davis

The service and people AT THIS location are second to none. Always very helpful and knowledgeable. I couldn’t/wouldn’t imagine going to another location. They have always been helpful when I would call and/or arrive. Thank you!

Submitted 12/08/18

By Lee Atwell

First time customer, just stopped in for an oil change. They got me in and out in no time. They also provided a free inspection and let me know about a problem with my brakes which they repaired quickly and very well. Super friendly atmosphere and everyone was very helpful. Will recomend to friends who need work done in the future.

Submitted 12/06/18

By Max K

Great service very clean wonderful place to fix all your auto needs. I had a tire go flat and they fixed my Geico problem See Tom and Andrew

Submitted 11/24/18

By Deloris Bringardner-Girard

Mr. Tire repaired my flat tire promptly and expertly, for a very reasonable price. I'm from Canada, on a trip to Louisiana, and this service is as good as any I've ever seen. Highly recommended.

Submitted 11/20/18

By L Ryan

We much appreciated all the help the gentlemen at Mr. Tire gave us last weekend. We were stranded on our way back to Cleveland with a flat tire. They didn't have the exact size tire we needed, so they helped us find another vendor in the area to help us on an emergency basis. Great service.

Submitted 11/20/18

By terri miller

I actually didn't get any service today because I had a bigger issue than I realized. But the staff was knowledgeable and honest, and I genuinely appreciate that. They went above and beyond for me and I greatly appreciate that.

Submitted 10/26/18

By Layne Reed

I will return whenever I need tires, which is soon.

Submitted 10/25/18


None just an oil change

Submitted 10/25/18


I was driving from Cleveland to Orlando and realized I had a screw in my tire. I arrived shortly after opening on Sunday morning. Andrew was extremely helpful and got me in and out very timely. Both Andrew and Jimmy were very helpful and courteous. Great employees.

Submitted 10/16/18

By Ken Okeson

Very quick and courteous service.

Submitted 10/16/18

By Ken Okeson

Fast, professional, and knowledgeable. Only place I will take my car. I highly recommend Mr. Tire. The manager is fantastic. They were able to repair my tire rather than replace it. I am a very happy customer!

Submitted 10/15/18

By Molly A

Accord rear break was making big noises and needed an oil change. Pulled in around 730am and got call at 11am told everything was done. And yes it was nicely done. Will see how it last.

Submitted 10/10/18

By David Zheng

I called in the afternoon to see if they could put two 19.5 tires on a couple wheels that I had a blowout on my tow truck they said sure bring them in they gave me relatively accurate quote over the phone came in and an hour later they were installed the service was very friendly they did what they said they were going to do and I was out the door. The only gripe I have is that too commercial grade tires installed onto a wheel we're almost $1,000 but I suppose it's the nature of the tire not their business . I recommend to anyone looking for a professional repair shop....Read More

Submitted 10/07/18

By Chris Storbeck

With the recommendation of a friend, we brought our car to this service location, they got everything done on time and let me know the status of my car. I will be bringing my car back here for maintenance.

Submitted 09/26/18


Thanks again to Andrew for making this easy.

Submitted 09/20/18


Helped us swap tires on a rim when our work truck broke down on the road. Great service. Very knowledgeable staff. I will go back there for purchases in the future.

Submitted 09/18/18

By Larry Hall

OK. It's Sunday afternoon just after 4pm and I noticed that one of my tires looks low on air. Funny that I had just tried to add air to it yesterday and have been doing that ongoing for several months. Knowing I had a busy week ahead, I go online to see where I might get this checked on a Sunday afternoon. Andrew answered my call and ask how they could help. Even though it's less than an hour before they close, he said they would look at the tire today if I can make it in. When I arrived, Andrew greeted me within 1-2 minutes of walking in the door. I had mentioned when we spoke on the phone that I thought it might be a valve stem problem. He pulled my car in the bay and showed me the problem within five minutes. He had fixed the problem within 5-10 minutes. AMAZING. I will be coming back to THIS location! And requesting help from Andrew!!....Read More

Submitted 09/16/18

By Amy Hall


Submitted 09/13/18


I recommend this location frequently. There is an old-school respect for people at this location. They are not looking to take advantage of people.

Submitted 09/11/18


They were quick, professional and did a fantastic job of repairing my tire. They checked everything so I felt confident in driving my vehicle out of there. I recommend them for your tires and service needs.

Submitted 08/25/18

By Diane S. Heyman

Thanks for the fast service. We were able to get back on the road in less than an hour!

Submitted 08/15/18

By uber mom

Excellent service, professional and very helpful, highly recommend Mr. Tire!!

Submitted 06/30/18

By Bridgett Emhuff

This place was amazing!! I had a nail in my tire and needed my tire fixed in a rush, They squeezed me in right away and got my back on the road in no time!!! Highly recommend!!

Submitted 06/29/18

By Rachel Lepp

Tom and his team are wonderful! I couldn’t of asked for better people to work on my Jeep. They are honest. They have the best prices and customer service is an A+!

Submitted 06/25/18

By Jennifer Gorrell

I didn't like the tires I bought. Tom and Andrew worked with me to remedy this. I LOVE my new tires. Thanks!

Submitted 06/19/18

By Ben Ford

These guys were the best. 2 other places let me drive out on unsafe tire. These guys fixed the issue and made sure I was good to go. Come by the crew here is awesome.

Submitted 06/08/18

By Richard Whitington

Have never had a bad experience here. Nobody *likes* buying new tires, but the team at Mr. Tire has always done their best to make it as painless as possible. I always shop around a bit before big purchases, and Mr. Tire has gotten me the best price/value 3 for 3 times at this point. When I left my vehicle to have the tire replaced, they even offered to drive me to Buffalo Wild Wings so I could eat lunch and wouldn’t have to camp out in the waiting room. They called me when it was done and came to pick me up when I was ready! Seriously - good, honest service with no BS. Highly recommended.....Read More

Submitted 05/15/18

By Bobby Withers

Came in about 6:30 on Saturday. I had gotten a flat tire driving back home to Louisiana, Andrew and Jimmy looked it over and found that something had ripped the inside valve stem. They got me pulled in and just switched my valve stem out for me and got me on my way back home.

Submitted 05/08/18

By Richard Crawford

ALWAYS a great experience - the people here will work with my schedule & my budget 🙂

Submitted 04/19/18

By Cady Just

Girlfriend got a flat tire at 6pm on a Monday while we were four hours from home, the staff got us fixed up and ready for the ride home an hour before they closed, fast and easy service, thanks .

Submitted 04/17/18

By WheelinWithAustin

Excellent service! This is my go to place for anything car related.

Submitted 04/07/18

By Ali Phillips

I am without a doubt that person who hates doing anything car related. I always feel like I am over charged or people are trying to do more than what I need. A co- worker recommended Mr.Tire in Polaris stating that is where she goes for all car related things. I walked into the store super stressed out and nervous. That quickly changed as soon as I walked in and started chatting with Andrew and Rob about why I was there and financial dilemna. From the time I walked in until the time I left was not stressed. Andrew was super personable and made the whole process easy and stress free. He explained what I really needed and genuinely didn't put on that Car Sales persona that comes with the car store stigma. I will most definitely be going back and visiting Andrew and Rob and Mr.Tire Polaris again!....Read More

Submitted 04/05/18

By Morgan Underwood

My company has several vehicles ranging in age form new to several years old. Tommy at Mr Tire has been extremely accommodating in regard to price sensitivity, scheduling (almost always within a day) and communication . They are my "go to" vehicle maintenance and repair shop. Prior to Tommy a gentlemen named John was also a great manager as well which tells me it is a well run business and whomever owns it makes good decisions in regard to hiring the people that will keep my vehicles safe and running well.....Read More

Submitted 04/04/18

By Columbus Scuba

SAVED THE DAY - Family was heading into town from CLE on Saturday morning to help my fiance and I paint and move into our new house. At ~11 AM, I loaded some boxes and was ready to leave when I decided I should put some air in my front driver's tire (after ignoring for a week). I couldn't get the valve stem cap off by hand so I went upstairs to grab a socket. The cap had ultimately corroded to the valve stem threads so when I went to torque it off it sheared right out of the rim! With the family just 25 minutes out on I-71, I called up Mr. Tire and explained. I was told I'd need a new sensor valve. I said my light had been on since my spare was blown out from a prior incident and all I needed was to get on the road ASAP! While he acknowledged that their procedure was to replace with OEM, the employee quickly understood dilemma and my needs and told me to come on in I jacked up the car, took the wheel off, zipped up to Mr. Tire, and 4 staff members took my wheel and replaced the valve stem in less than 5 minutes. When I asked what they needed from me, one employee simply said, "Nothing at all, simple as that, have a fantastic day..." With all the costs associated with moving, all I could initially think while I watched my tire drain of air was, "Great... Here's another hundreds bucks." Thank you, all - SO MUCH! I didn't spend a dime but, believe me, from now on Mr. Tire is where I'll be going when it comes time to do so. Keep keeping it simple and I'll be back! --Don....Read More

Submitted 04/02/18

By Donny Porvasnik